The Hokkaido University Sustainable Low-Carbon Society Project

The Hokkaido University Sustainable Low-Carbon Society Project

In 2008, when the G8 Toyako Summit was held, Hokkaido University started the Sustainable Low-Carbon Society Project. In this website, the real-time information about our activities and research projects are reported.

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Updating of this site has been suspended since 31st March due to administrative reasons of the Project.
Information is up-dated on 31st March.

2014.3.26 【Summary report of the project】
“The summary report on the Hokkaido University Sustainable Low-carbon Society Project” has been published.

2014.3.26 【Publications】
For the sustainable future II” “Lectures on Environmental Policy

2014.3.26 【Los-carbon Project Brog】
Three activity reports by students have been added.

2013.12.10 【Event Reports】
Overview of the IPCC Open Symposium New scientific findings on climate change and the importance of GHG inventory to assess mitigation progress on 10th December 2013

2013.11.05 【Event Reports】
Overview of the International Symposium on the Environment and Energy titled, Towards Sustainability - Through the Development of a Low Carbon Society and Renewable Energy on November 5th 2013, during Hokkaido University Sustainability Weeks 2013

2013.07.12 【Event Reports】
Overview of the Environmental Policy Seminar “Policy for Climate Change in Japan and China” on 12th July 2013

2013.03.11 【Publications】
FUKUSHIMA ― A Political Economic Analysis of a Nuclear Disaster

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add the overview of the seminar ” Towards Sustainable Hokkaido, Japan and the World ~Renewable Energy and Green Economy~”on 19th Oct 2012 on Event reports

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