The GiFT delivers 15-minute presentations via Ustream, which are given by Hokkaido University′s distinguished researchers who are tackling various issues to realize a sustainable society.
We are waiting for young students worldwide to respond to the presenters' calling for joining them in efforts to address important global challenges.
Your comments during the live webcast via Facebook are expected!

Saturday, Nov. 8, 20:00 - 21:45 (GMT+9), Live Webcast


Session 1

"Towards the Resolution of Global Issues"

Keizo Yamaguchi
President, Hokkaido University

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Session 2

"Micro-satellite Provides Solutions on Earth"

Yukihiro Takahashi
Ph.D. (Science)
Research Area: Space Mission Design
Affiliation: Faculty of Science

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Session 3

"Science Visionaries Change Our Future"

Schuko Ohtsu
M.D. (Design)
Research Area: Science Communication, Design
Affiliation: The Communication in Science & Technology Education & Research Program (CoSTEP)

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Session 4

"Learning in the Field: Environmental Radiation in Fukushima"

Naoko Watanabe
Ph.D. (Engineering)
Research Area: Environmental Engineering
Affiliation: Faculty of Engineering

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Session 5

"Sustainable Campus as a Research Field"

Maki Ikegami
Ph.D. (Environmental Science)
Research Area: Renewable Energy and Community
Affiliation: Office for a Sustainable Campus

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Emma Cook
Ph.D. (Anthropology)
Research Area: Cultural Anthropology, Japanese Freeters
Affiliation: International Student Center

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