Tentative Programs of the G8 University Summit

Tentative Programs of the G8 University Summit

date Program
June 29 (Sun) Welcome Cocktails
June 30 (Mon) Opening Ceremony
Plenary Session
  • Introduction of participating universities
  • Explanation of aim of the meeting;
    ‘Global Sustainability and the Role of University’
  • Raising Issues
Parallel Session A Parallel Session B
‘New Scientific Knowledge and International Network to Support Global Sustainability’
  • New Scientific Knowledge on Global Sustainability
  • Network of Networks (NNs)
‘Knowledge Innovation
towards Global Sustainability
and Education’
  • Knowledge Innovation as a Trigger for Social Reform.
  • For Global Sustainability of the Next Generations - Education
July 1 (Tue) Plenary Session
  • Summary of the Parallel Sessions
  • Overall comments
  • Adopt a statement of G8 University Summit to be released
  • Summary by the Chairperson
Press Conference

Knowledge Innovation:
“Knowledge Innovation” means both to change the society by generating and sharing new knowledge and to structuring knowledge leading to the change here. “Technology Innovation” has the same meaning to some extent but “Knowledge Innovation” reflects the fact that it is necessary to innovate knowledge not only on technology but also on knowledge in general for achieving global sustainability in the 21st century.

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