Result of the G8 University Summit

July 4, 2008

The G8 University Summit was held for the first time in history in Sapporo from June 29 to July 1, 2008. Through this summit, each university recognized the investigation and research for achieving the sustainability of the Earth and the roles of universities, such as education, promised to take voluntary measures for achieving the sustainability, and adopted “Sapporo Sustainability Declaration” for promoting the leaders participating in the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit to take actions, such as to implement scientific and appropriate measures for tackling the climate change issue, as part of their efforts for coping with urgent global-scale problems.

This G8 University Summit was hosted by the G8 University Summit Organizing Committee, which is composed of members from 14 universities in Japan and chaired by President Hiroshi Komiyama of the University of Tokyo, under the theme of “Global Sustainability and Roles of Universities.” The number of participants was about 140, including presidents, chancellors, and representatives (Presidents) of 34 universities in 14 G8 and non-G8 countries and United Nations University. The Presidents agreed upon holding the next G8 University Summit in Italy in 2009 and will keep efforts for promoting other universities and governments to take measures for the sustainability of the Earth.

  1. Purpose of the G8 University Summit
  2. Universities Participated
  3. Outline and results of the G8 University Summit
  4. Date and Venue
  5. Organization
  6. Follow-up

1.Purpose of the G8 University Summit

It was the first time in history for the presidents of major universities in G8 and other countries to convene a G8 University Summit conference to discuss pressing international issues from the academic and neutral viewpoints.

In parallel with the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit, the presidents of 35 universities (the presidents of 27 universities including United Nations University, and deputy presidents from 8 universities) from a total of 14 countries participated in this summit, with the purpose of discussing what universities should do to achieve global sustainability, designing concrete measures for it, promoting international cooperation from the academic field, and contributing to such activities.

2.	Universities Participated

This summit attracted about 140 participants from 27 universities (among which 14 universities are Japanese ones) in G8 countries and 7 universities in other countries (China, South Korea, India, Australia, South Africa, and Brazil) and United Nations University. (Attached hereto)

G8 countries Canada The University of British Columbia President and Vice-Chancellor Stephen J. Toope
University of Alberta President and Vice-Chancellor Indira V. Samarasekera
France Ecole Polytechnique President Xavier Michel
Université Paris - Sorbonne (Paris IV) President Georges Molinié
Germany LMU Munich President Bernd Huber
RWTH Aachen University Rector Burkhard Rauhut
Italy Politecnico di Torino Rector Francesco Profumo
Università degli Studi di Firenze Vice-Rector Guido Chelazzi
Japan Doshisha University President Eiji Hatta
Hitotsubashi University President Takehiko Sugiyama
Hokkaido University President Hiroshi Saeki
Keio University President Yuichiro Anzai
Kyoto University President Kazuo Oike
Kyushu University President Tisato Kajiyama
Nagoya University President Shin-ichi Hirano
Osaka University President Kiyokazu Washida
Ritsumeikan University President Kiyofumi Kawaguchi
The University of Tokyo President Hiroshi Komiyama
Tohoku University President Akihisa Inoue
Tokyo Institute of Technology President Kenichi Iga
Tokyo Metropolitan University President Jun-ichi Nishizawa
Waseda University President Katsuhiko Shirai
Russia Far Eastern National University President Vladimir Kurilov
U.K. Imperial College London Pro Rector Mary Ritter
The University of Cambridge Prof. Peter Guthrie, Director, Center of Engineering for Sustainable Development
U.S.A. University of California, Los Angeles Chancellor Gene D. Block
Yale University Mr. Donald Filer, Director, the Office of International Affairs
other countries Australia The Australian National University Vice-Chancellor and President Ian Chubb
Brazil University of São Paulo Prof. Carlos Clemente Cerri, Center of Nuclear Energy in Agriculture
China Peking University Executive Vice-President and Provost Jianhua Lin
Tsinghua University Vice President Weihe Xie
India Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Deputy Director Kripa Shanker
(Rep. of)
Seoul National University President Jang-Moo Lee
South Africa University of Johannesburg Vice-Chancellor and Principal Ihron L Rensburg
  United Nations University Rector Konrad Osterwalder

3.Outline and results of the G8 University Summit

The main theme is “Global Sustainability and Roles of Universities.” In addition, the Presidents discussed the two sub-themes: “New Scientific Knowledge and International Network to Support Global Sustainability” (Parallel Session A) and “Knowledge Innovation and Education for Global Sustainability” (Parallel Session B).
At the time of the opening of this summit, Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda and Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Kisaburo Tokai gave messages to the Presidents.
Then, during the plenary session, issues to discuss were raised. In the afternoon, the parallel sessions were held to discuss the above-mentioned sub-themes. (Attached hereto)
The results of the meetings were summarized as “Sapporo Sustainability Declaration” adopted in the plenary session on July 1. (Attached hereto)

Program for the G8 University Summit

  1. Duration June 29 (Sun) to July 1 (Tues), 2008
  2. Venue Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo (Kita 5, Nishi 7, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido)
  3. Theme Global Sustainability and the Role of Universities
  4. Program
June 29 (Sun) Details
19:00-20:30 Welcome Party
June 30 (Mon) Details
9:00-9:40 Opening Session
Opening remarks
Introduction of the participants
Approval of the Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Plenary and Parallel Sessions
9:40-12:00 Plenary Session
Explanation of the purpose of the Plenary Session
Explanation of the purpose of the Parallel Session
<Raising Issues>
13:00-17:30 Parallel Session A Parallel Session B
Parallel Session A
‘New Scientific Knowledge and International Network to Support Global Sustainability’
  • <New Scientific knowledge on Global Sustainability>
  • <Network of Networks (NNs)>

Parallel Session B
‘Knowledge Innovation towards Global Sustainability and Education’
  • <Knowledge Innovation as a Trigger for Social Reform>
  • <For Global Sustainability of the Next Generations - Education>
July 1 (Tues) Details
(Break: 10:35-11:05)
Plenary Session
  • Presentation on the Summary of the Parallel Sessions
  • Adoption of the ‘Sapporo Sustainability Declaration (SSD)’
  • Summary and closing remarks by the Chair
11:30-12:00 Press Conference

4.Date and Venue

Jun. 29 to Jul. 1, 2008
Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo in Sapporo, Japan

5.	Organization

President Hiroshi Komiyama of the University of Tokyo was approved as the Chair. President Hiroshi Saeki of Hokkaido University and President Yuichiro Anzai of Keio University were approved as the Vice-Chairs. President Saeki and President Anzai chaired Parallel Sessions A and B, respectively. In addition, President Indira Vasanti Samarasekera of University of Alberta, Canada, and Rector Francesco Profumo of Politecnico di Torino, Italy, served as the Vice-Chairs of the parallel sessions.

6.	Follow-up

On July 4, 2008, President Komiyama of the University of Tokyo, President Saeki of Hokkaido University, President Anzai of Keio University, Rector Francesco Profumo of Politecnico di Torino, and President Xavier Michael of Ecole Polytechnique met Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda at the Minister's office to hand over the Declaration and requested him to take leadership at G8 Summit to take actions based on the Declaration.

The Presidents aimed at promoting G8 leaders to recognize the outcome of the G8 University Summit through this meeting, and then reflecting it in the process for reaching a global consensus for achieving global sustainability through the discussions of global warming and other global issues at the G8 Toyako Summit, which was realized in the G8 Summit Document on Environment and Climate Change, in particular, in reference to the knowledge networks in the area of education for sustainable development.

As the follow-up of this summit, the presidents welcomed the proposal by the Conference of Italian University Rectors that the second G8 University Summit should be held in Italy in parallel with the G8 Summit in 2009,

Inquiries to:
Secretariat of The G8 University Summit Organizing Committee

So Kawanobe, Head, International Affairs Division, Hokkaido University
TEL: +81-(0)11-706-3610
Norihiko Shimizu, Head, International Planning Group, International Affairs Department the University of Tokyo
TEL: +81-(0)3-5841-2090
Hideko Sumita, Chief Administrator (Manager), Office of the Organization for Global Initiatives (OGI), Keio University
TEL: +81-(0)3-5427-1899

Encl. Participating universities of the G8 University Summit
Program for the G8 University Summit
Sapporo Sustainability Declaration (SSD)

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