• SUSTAIN is developed by 9 higher education institutions in Asia Pacific region.

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  • SUSTAIN aims to contribute SD by mainstreaming ESD at higher education institutions.

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  • SUSTAIN Activity Checklist is a set of questions to check the overall maturity of the community's ESD activities.

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  • SUSTAIN Dialogue is a process whereby participants deepen their horizons beyond institutional border while trying to come up with viable solutions to challenges.

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  • SUSTAIN Awareness Questions help institutions to review or revisit particular ESD initiatives.

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The project started in 2009 with the mission of facilitating and encouraging institutions of higher education to engage in ESD, Education for Sustainable Development. The first goal is to provide a framework for sharing good practices and facilitating the dialogue and self-reflection, and to this end, the project has developed SUSTAIN, SUStianabiliy Tool for Academic INstitutions. After three pilot tests, the tool is now waiting to be released.


"It is both meaningful and encouraging for the faculty that the tool is aimed at supporting institutions to define their courses for sustainable future by making them aware of what they have not been aware of otherwise."

- anonymous, Hokkaido University

" The process helped raise our own awareness of the reasons for the approaches we had selected, and provide an opportunity to think again about some of the underlying rationale and whether this had changed since the design of the original programme."

- anonymous, T University