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What is Sustainability Weeks?

sw%e3%81%a8%e3%81%af_2016_%e8%8b%b1Sustainability Weeks (SW) is a campaign hosted by Hokkaido University with the aim of promoting research and education to help create a sustainable society.

The assembly of more than 6,000 researchers, educators, students, and citizens from home and abroad during the two weeks of SW to share and discuss the latest scientific knowledge in the form of symposium, workshop and various exhibitions will enable us to identify the next steps toward a better future.

The first such session was organized in 2007, and it has since been held every year with the involvement of the entire university.

The events held during SW cover various issues and almost all the academic disciplines relevant to the discussion of a sustainable society.

Official Logo

Hokkaido University called for a logo design of Sustainability Weeks in spring 2012. As a result, 197 creative designs gathered from high school students to elder people and from armature to professionals. The executive committee of Sustainability Weeks 2012 chose the distinctive piece of work designed by Mr. Soichi Yamaguchi who lives in Tokyo.

A Concept of Design

This design is based on the concept “sustainable march of the times”. The fluidity in the transition of rigid to organic expresses a historical progression with succession toward the future. A harmonious and gradual change in color indicates plurality and diversity in nature, humanity, culture, and society. Looking like a brilliant star or a flower in full bloom from a distance, it symbolizes the resplendent beauty of life.

A Collection of the Logo